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Value for Money Delivery Statement

It is the responsibility of Skegness Town Council to ensure that business is conducted in accordance with the law and proper standards, and that public money is safeguarded and properly accounted for as well as being used economically, efficiently and effectively.

Value for Money does not necessarily mean lowest cost, but fair costs, reflecting the key issues and values of the Council on ethical purchasing, environment and sustainability and local economic well-being in its preference for purchasing from local suppliers.

The Council have a set of governing policy documents that provide procedural guidance for members and officers. These include the Financial Regulations, financial procedures and standing orders, all of which are regularly reviewed and adopted by the Council. The Financial Regulations and Standing Orders include arrangements for the management of risk, through good governance, accountability and transparency whilst also providing the mandatory framework for general procurement activities including those for contracted services and maintenance.

An internal audit is performed annually and recommendations for improvements to internal controls are implemented. An external audit is performed annually after the public have had the opportunity to inspect the year end accounts. The results of the audit are published on our website and notice boards.

The Town Clerk who has been appointed the Responsible Financial Officer, has delegated authority to make expenditure within the set budget, significant expenditure or expenditure that falls out of the agreed budget requires authorisation by Council.

At each Council Meeting the spending from the previous period is reviewed, the expenditure is published alongside the agenda and published on our website and social media sites.

Feedback from residents is welcomed in many ways, by phone, email, through our website or social media, and in person at the public sessions at the beginning of every Council meeting.

The Income and Expenditure report, Balance Sheet and Reconciliations of all bank accounts and Petty Cash are signed off by the Mayor or other member of the Business and Resources Committee (B&R). These are then reviewed at least quarterly during B&R Committee meetings and published on our website.

Expenditure is constantly reviewed throughout the year to identify and maximise any potential savings. During the budget setting process all Income and Expenditure is systematically scrutinised, to ensure that all costs are competitive and deliver the best value for money and ensure that all fees and charges are fair.

During 2016/17, changes have been made to deliver financial savings on electricity, broadband, insurance premiums and printing costs. Further changes have been identified to deliver savings on postage in 2017/18. The administrative staff structure and costs were reviewed by Council in 2014/15 and again in 2016/17.

Grants are awarded to charities and community groups that directly benefit Skegness residents and a budget of £4,500 has been set for 2017/18 reflecting the anticipated level of demand. The applications are scrutinised to ensure that the grants will be used appropriately and that the funds are contributing towards a sustainable group or activity.