Clerk: Mr Steve Larner
Tower Gardens Pavilion
Tower Gardens
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Staff Performance Management Statement

Skegness Town Council are committed to ensuring that Council employees :

  • Are clear about their duties and responsibilities
  • Know what is expected from them
  • Understand Council priorities
  • Have the tools, resources and training needed to undertake their role
  • Are motivated and recognised for their achievements
  • Understand how to raise and escalate problems and concerns and be confident these will be given proper consideration
  • Take the Health and Safety of themselves and others seriously and act upon this
  • Are treated well, receive fair recompense and see the Council as a good employer

Each staff member has a current job description and has at least an annual performance appraisal. Specific, Measurable, Agreed, Relevant and Time bound (SMART) targets for the coming year are cascaded from the Council's Business Plan through the organisation.

The Town Clerk has an annual appraisal with the HR Committee. The Chairman of HR liaises with other Committee Chairmen and then agrees targets with the Town Clerk based upon Key Operational Functions and Business Plan objectives. These are then ratified by Full Council in early March. The Town Clerk then cascades targets to other staff/supervisors providing additional detail to ensure the whole team deliver some aspects of the overall targets. Each member of staff and their manager signs to agree the targets for the coming year together with any development needs identified to deliver these or other regular duties.

Targets are monitored informally through supervision and discussion through the year and then considered formally at the annual review in March. Staff are rated across a range of areas:

  • Quality of work
  • Efficiency
  • Attendance
  • Time Keeping/Flexibility
  • Work relationships (team work and interpersonal communication skills)
  • Competency in the role

Where improvement is required, an Individual Improvement Plan will be agreed and formal monthly monitoring put in place with the staff member until the required improvement is obtained or formal capability action instigated under the Capability Policy.

The Council is committed to training and development as a method of maintaining and improving performance. The Council encourages staff to attend training and provides a training budget that is controlled by the Town Clerk in support of this. Training and professional development records are kept for each staff member. Where Health and Safety is of specific concern (e.g. safe working practices), regular team or individual reviews are undertaken by the supervisor/manager and any issues identified, resolved or escalated.

All staff have access to Council Policies and have been issued with those relating HR matters and how to raise grievances or concerns.