Clerk: Mr Steve Larner
Tower Gardens Pavilion
Tower Gardens
Rutland Road
PE25 2AX

Tel: 01754 840040

Skegness Town Council

The Local Council Award Scheme

Skegness Town Council has decided to apply for the Quality Gold Award. To achieve this award the Council must demonstrate that it is at the forefront of best practice and achieves excellence in governance, community leadership and council development.

Skegness Town Council confirmed by resolution at a full council meeting on Wednesday 1st March 2017 that it meets all the requirements for the Foundation, Quality and Gold Award and that it publishes on the Council website:

a) A business plan covering a financial forecast for at least three years linked to revenue and capital plans for the Council and its community.

Skegness Town Councils five-year business plan "Taking Control, Taking Responsibility" was reviewed and updated at the meeting of the Council on Wednesday 1st March 2017 and will continue to be monitored, reviewed and updated throughout its five-year life span.

b) An annual report, online material and at least four news bulletins a year:

Skegness Town Council produces an annual report, quarterly newsletters, publishes Council news, updates and information through its Twitter account "@SkegnessCouncil" and Facebook site "SkegnessTownCouncil" and through the news, mayoral events and community section of the Council website which are all updated weekly.

With evidence of:

a) Engaging with diverse groups in the community using a variety of methods;

Groups, organisations & Outside Bodies

Sports and Dance Groups Including:

  • Skegness Amateur Swimming Club
  • East Coast Juniors
  • Skegness Coasters
  • Cobra (jujitsu)
  • English Bowling Federation
  • Volley Ball England
  • Janice Sutton
  • Skegness Extreme Sports Association
  • Skegness Cricket Club
  • Sea Bank Marathon

School and Youth Groups Including:

  • First Skegness Scouts
  • Richmond Primary School
  • Skegness Academy
  • Skegness Grammar School
  • Secret Garden Nursery
  • Junior Marching Band
  • Skegness Regional College

Community Groups:

  • Skegness Live & Learn
  • Skegness Crime Prevention Panel
  • Skegness Carnival Committee
  • T.E.D Project
  • Storehouse Foodbank
  • Skegness Community Live Music
  • Winthorpe Community Partnership
  • New Horizons Bereavement Group

Local Business Groups:

  • Skegness Partnership Coastal Community Team
  • Press – Target and Skegness Standard
  • Radio – Lincs FM and Radio Lincolnshire
  • Skegness Rotary Club
  • Skegness Day Centre
  • Skegness Business Awards
  • Community Lincs
  • County Care

Cultural Groups:

  • Skegness Playgoers
  • Magna Vitae
  • Neverlands Arts

Religious Groups:

  • Polish Roman Catholic Parish
  • Skegness Polish Saturday School
  • Skegness Group of Churches


  • Skegness Hospital League of Friends
  • RNLI
  • Army Benevolent Fund
  • McMillan Cancer Research
  • Home Start

Outside Organisations, Committees and Misc Groups:

  • Burma Star Association
  • Royal British Legion
  • Lincolnshire Police
  • Skegness Fire Service
  • East Lindsey District Council
  • Lincolnshire County Council
  • National Association of Local Councils
  • Lincolnshire Association of Local Councils
  • National Association of Memorial Masons
  • Environment Agency
  • Operation Repeat
  • Lincolnshire Police
  • Trading Standards
  • Visit East Lincolnshire
  • Federation of Burial and Cremation Authorities
  • SELTA (South East Lincolnshire Travelers Association
  • East Midlands Trains
  • CCTV Users Group
  • Skegness Hospital Advisory Board
  • Children Services Advisory Board


Face to Face:

  • Mayoral Engagements
  • Organise and Support Community Events
  • Civic Events
  • Consultation Events (town center/tower gardens and town hall)
  • Forums
  • Training Events
  • Annual Town Meetings
  • Monthly Resident Meetings
  • Councillor Surgeries
  • Attend Meetings
  • Invite to Meetings
  • Sit on committees to outside bodies
  • Guest Speaking (At Council meetings or to Community Groups)
  • Working Groups (which include outside organisations)
  • Visits to Schools/Nurseries
  • Council staff engagement with public


  • Social Media Updates – Twitter & Facebook
  • Website
  • On Line Polls
  • Project Websites -
  • Answer and make Email Enquires
  • Complete on line questionnaires
  • Skype Meetings
  • Webinars
  • Submit Planning Comments


  • Provide Community Grants
  • Apply for Grant Funding
  • Sponsor awards, provide medals and honours
  • Subscribe as members to community, tourism and outside organisations


  • Newsletters
  • Notice Boards
  • Articles in magazines and newspapers including LCR, Skegness Standard and Target
  • Notices
  • Answering and writing letters
  • Questionnaires (completing and compiling)
  • Postal Polls and Surveys
  • Consultation Reports


  • Answering and making Enquires
  • Officer Liaison
  • Councillor queries

b) Community engagement leading to positive outcomes for the community:

Skegness Town Council has adopted a Community Engagement Policy and actively encourages and promotes the involvement of residents, community groups and businesses. The Council recognises the importance of public consultation and engagement and through the methods as describe have been able to strengthen communication and working relationships with people from across the Town. This is evidenced through the Grants awarded to support local community groups and willingness of Community Organisations to commit to partnership working on projects to improve and influence the decision-making process in the parish.

c) At least four positive outcomes achieved for the community in the last six months and a broad range of council activities including innovative projects:

  • Being invited to Stage Two of the Coastal Community Fund to provide a Community Heritage and Events Hub and replace a dilapidated building in central Skegness (3.8 million project)
  • Agreeing the establishment and providing a budget for a Town Crier to support community events in Skegness
  • Providing Community Grants for local organisations including Skegness Live & Learn (£900 October 2016), Community Live Music (£750 October 2016), Skegness Carnival Committee (£600 October 2016) and Skegness Crime Prevention Panel (£103 November 2016)
  • Approval of the area to be covered by the Neighborhood Development Plan
  • Approval of a Skegness Town Council funded Events Coordinator post to support local organisations to provide community events and improve partnership working between organisations

d) Co-operating constructively with other organisations:

Royal British Legion

Partnership working on the Remembrance Parade


Taking part in consultations, attending forums, partnership working and negotiation on the Hub Project

Lincolnshire Police

Attending meetings, supporting remembrance parade, property marking at Allotments

Skegness Partnership Coastal Community Team

Sitting on their committee, partnership working on the hub project, signed memorandum of understanding to be part of a virtual events team, sponsoring the business awards.

Skegness Carnival Committee

Providing grant funding and agreed partner of the virtual events team.

Winthorpe Community Partnership

Promoting their projects, Councillor attendance at meetings


Effective member and staff training attendance, Council representation at LALC meetings.

Skegness Extreme Sports Association

Presentations to Council, attendance at their meetings, previous funding assistance.

Janice Sutton

Attendance at events

First Skegness Scouts

Presentations and community engagement and consultation on Hub project.

Skegness Live & Learn

Provision of grants and support in funding applications, partner on Hub project.

Community Lincs

Support with consultation events and community engagement and funding application. Links to other projects.

Skegness Town Council also confirmed by resolution at a full Council meeting on Wednesday 1st March 2017 that is has prepared statements (of no more than one page each showing how the Council:

1) Ensures that the council delivers value for money

2) Meets it duties in relation to bio-diversity and crime & disorder

3) Provides leadership in planning for the future of the community

4) Manages the performance of the council as a corporate body

5) Manages the performance of each individual staff member to achieve its business plan