Organisation Information

Organisation Chart

The Town Council has 19 staff. Due to the small size of the workforce, salary details are not published here as personal details could be identified. Monthly total payments are included in the list of payments here and published in the Council minutes each month.

Senior Salaries

All employees fall below the threshold requiring publication

Councillor Allowances

Councillors receive an allowance of £500 per annum. A payment of £125 per quarter is made to each Councillor.

Decision Making

Skegness Town Council sets the budget, determines the precept and oversees activities. Decisions about Town Council policy, strategy and spending are made during Council meetings and recorded in the minutes which are published on the website. The meetings are open to the public who may attend to listen to the debate and observe the voting process.

In many cases, relevant decisions made by the Town Clerk will have already been reported to the Council or a Committee as a matter of course, and in these cases an appropriate record of the decision taken by the Clerk will already exist in accordance with the requirements of the regulations and published within the meetings section of the website.

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The constitution of Skegness Town Council comprises the Standing Orders and Financial Regulations. These control how the business of the Town Council is conducted.