Mayoral Engagements - February 2018

6 events were attended by the Mayor

Wednesday 7th February 2018 – Opened the annual Caterex exhibition held at the Richmond Holiday Centre.

Monday 12th February 2018 – Met a group of Brazilian tourism students in the Council Chamber to talk about tourism in Skegness.

Wednesday 14th February 2018 – Attended the Ash Wednesday service at St Matthews Church.

Thursday 15th February 2018 – Celebrated the 106th birthday of Gladys Waite with her at her nursing home.

Friday 16th February 2018 – Attended the preview evening for John Byford's exhibition of historical photographs by a local photographer at the Embassy Theatre.

Thursday 22nd February 2018 – Attended the Skegness Job Fair held at the Embassy Theatre, organised by Skegness Job Centre.