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Leadership in Planning for the Future of the Community

Skegness Town Council is committed to provide an opportunity for the community to state its views and provide information regarding how people feel about where they live. To achieve this the Council: -

  • Represent local views on Local Planning Policies and Planning Applications
  • Will work alongside the Planning Authority and Community to provide a Neighbourhood Development Plan
  • Undertake and facilitate Community Led Planning activities to guide the Council's Business Plan

Representing Local Community Views

Skegness Town Council has a Planning and Planning Policy Committee that has delegated authority to make comments and representations on behalf of the Council. The committee meets approximately every three weeks to consider and respond to planning application consultation in a timely manner. The agenda is published on the Council website and promoted through social media. Each application on the agenda is hyper-linked back to the Planning Authority system which holds copies of plans, consultations and other relevant documents to facilitate easy access by the public.

Where National or Local Planning Policy is published for consultation, the Committee will consider the policy and where time permits, take representation from non-committee members and the wider community.

When considering either planning applications or new policies, the Committee balances the sometimes competing concerns of local residents, local businesses and needs driven by Skegness being dependent on tourism for its economic vitality.

Neighbourhood Development Planning (NDP)

Skegness Town Council take the opportunities offered within the Localism Act 2011. The Act enables the residents and the Town Council (as Community Representative) to develop their own vision for Skegness, to shape development and growth in their local area, ensuring where they want new homes, shops and offices to be built, what they should look like, what infrastructure should be provided and what should be protected, to improve the quality of life.

Skegness Town Council has approved the development of a NDP and has worked with the Local Planning Authority to consult with the public to designate the Parish boundary as the NDP area. A Steering Committee is in place and this will be extended to include interested parties from both the local business and residential communities. Evidence and feedback will be established in accordance with the Community Engagement Policy. Skegness Town Council has budgeted to initiate the NDP development process and will seek grant funding to extend this.

Community Led Planning (CLP)

Skegness Town Council facilitated and supported the development of a CLP by local residents. The Council provided funding for consultants to assist the community to understand the process, engage with the community, undertake a community survey, analyse the results and prepare a report and action plan.

The Council has addressed each action item raised either by incorporating this into its own 5-year Business Plan or where the issue related to Planning Policy, using it as a starting point for the NDP.

  • Award Scheme, Leadership, 2017.03.01 (PDF, 197 Kb)

    Skegness Town Council's Leadership in Planning for the Future of the Community Statement (approved by Council on Wednesday 1st March 2017)