Jolly Fisherman Licencing

Skegness Town Council has registered the Jolly Fisherman image as an official trademark of the Council to ensure this remains in ownership for the benefit of the Town and to protect the image from abuse.

Skegness Town Council is the registered owner of the trademark with exclusive permission granted to Skegness Trading Co Limited to use and manage the trade mark for commercial purposes.

Skegness Town Council will use the trademark itself for non-profit reasons of promotion of the Town and will administer the issue of non-commercial licences for use by non-commercial organisations in accordance with the rules established by the Council. Non-commercial use of the Jolly Fisherman image to promote the Town does not incur a charge.

Commercial use of the Jolly Fisherman image will incur a fee.

To apply please send your details together with a copy of any artwork and how you intend to use the image to the Town Clerk - click here for contact details