Governance and Policy

Standing Orders

The Council operates within a set of procedures called the Standing Orders and abide by an agreed Code of Conduct. These incorporate the legislation that governs local councils and set out:-

  • how meetings and debates are run
  • how decisions are made and who can make them
  • how Councillors should conduct themselves
  • the role of the Town Clerk and matters affecting employees
  • the role and creation of Committees
  • Financial matters
  • Local rules

Financial Regulations

The Council also has Financial Regulations which govern how it manages its finances and contracts in some detail. They include:-

  • Setting the annual budget and precept
  • Payments of accounts
  • Salaries
  • Loans and investments
  • Orders and contracts for goods and services
  • Insurance


Skegness Town Council ensures that it has up to date insurance to mitigate potential risk to public money.

Risk Management

The Council has a Risk Management Policy and records and manages its strategic, operational and project risks on a Risk Register that is reviewed quarterly

Safeguarding Policy

Skegness Town Council have a safeguarding policy in place to protect all children and vulnerable adults who receive or use Council run services or facilities.

Policy Register

A full list of all Skegness Town Council's policies: