Organising an Event in Tower Gardens

Skegness Town Council is committed to making Tower Gardens available to organisers to provide safe, enjoyable community events that preserve and enhance the historic and natural environment of Tower Gardens.

You will need written permission from the Town Council to hold any event in Tower Gardens, please do not commit to any expense until this is received.

Firstly, please read the events policy to see if your event would be suitable and is likely to be permitted. Please note solely commercial events will not be permitted.

Please then send us an email or gives us a call Telephone 01754 840040 letting us know what dates are required, the purpose, size, scale and complexity of your event. We will then be in contact to let you know if your dates are free and provide the necessary form for you to complete.

Please note that all event organisers will be expected to provide a suitable risk assessment and have public liability insurance in place.

Events will be referred to East Lindsey Events Safety Advisory Group who are responsible for giving advice, guidance and support to event organisers. To do this, we will need to share your information. Please see our Privacy Notice for more information.

Let us know what areas of Tower Gardens you want to use, see our plan below.

Some useful links for event organisers

Lincolnshire Event Safety Partnership (includes templates for risk assessments)

ELDC Events Organisation