Disabled Parking

Blue Badge parking concessions

At the link below you can find information regarding parking on street including a map of all parking and waiting restriction in Lincolnshire, including Skegness.


Blue Badge Holders must follow the rules as stated in the Blue Badge Handbook when parking using their blue badge.

Blue badge holders can park in a limited waiting bay for as long as they like providing that they display their blue badge.

However, when a blue badge holder is parking in a bay for Disabled badge holders only, they must comply with the time displayed on the sign and ensure they set their clock to the arrival time and display this alongside their blue badge.

They can also park on single yellow and double yellow lines providing there is not a loading restriction (kerb blips). They can do this for up to a maximum of 3 hours, and again must set their time clock to the time of arrival.

Blue Badge holders are not permitted to park in a Goods Vehicle Loading Bay, Bus Stop or Taxi Bay or where there are loading restrictions.

DBB scheme booklet :



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Email: DisabledCarParking@lincolnshire.gov.uk

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