Clerk: Mr Steve Larner
Tower Gardens Pavilion
Tower Gardens
Rutland Road
PE25 2AX

Tel: 01754 840040


Corporate Body Governance and Performance Management Statement

Skegness Town Council operates a system of Governance and Performance Management to ensure that the Council: -

• Meets statutory responsibilities
• Complies with local policies
• Delivers local strategic and operational aims and objectives
• Manages its risks and has good systems of internal control
• Provides good financial management and value for money
• Is open, fair and transparent
• Responds to local needs

The Council operates a committee system with clear delegated responsibilities, meetings are held monthly to ensure timely discharge of decisions and authority reviewed at least annually.

The majority of services are delivered through the Council's own staff team which is headed by a qualified Town Clerk who also acts as Proper Officer and Responsible Finance Officer. A qualified Deputy Town Clerk has delegated authority to act in the absence of the Town Clerk to ensure full business continuity and continued performance management.

Governance and Performance Management System

Skegness Town Council operates under rules set out in Legislation, Standing Orders and Financial Regulations. Service standards are set out in local policies and associated schedules. Detailed operating procedures to implement Council instructions are produced and overseen by the Town Clerk and other staff under delegation.
All staff have contracts of employment and clear job descriptions that sets out what is expected.

The Council's Management Committee has delegated responsibility for managing performance and governance. A Governance Report is sent each quarter to review monitoring information and reports. This is published on the Council's website. These include:-

• Financial information, budget reporting, income/expenditure, bank reconciliations, value for money reviews (supported by reports from the RBS Omega system)
• Action/Task lists (supported by Project Plans for complex projects and action lists held on spreadsheets for other tasks and activities)
• Effectiveness of Internal Control through risk management, risk register and associated actions
• Public property and service reports that examine service performance and give activity updates including any complaints or feedback from the community.
• Other operational activity reports - provided by Town Clerk/Deputy Town Clerk

Additionally, The Mayor, Deputy Mayor or other Council approved signatories visit the office to check and sign off bank reconciliations and petty cash each month.

The Council employs an Internal Auditor to check the soundness of internal control. Findings are reported to Council and the Council Committee are tasked with ensuring any recommendations are reviewed and action taken.

Overall performance is reported yearly in the Annual Report which is presented by the Mayor at the Annual Town Meeting. Quarterly news bulletins highlight key messages in an easier to read format.