Budget and Precept Consultation


  • In 2017/18 the Skegness Town Council share of your Council Tax Bill (the Precept) represented less than 5p in every £1 charged. We expect the same to be true in 2018/19
  • In 2017/18 you paid less for services provided by Skegness Town Council than those in the Alford, Burgh Le Marsh, Chapel, Ingoldmells or Mablethorpe for their local services.
  • Those paying the Town Council's Precept are currently paying proportionately 19% more than a few years ago, as a result of Central Government no longer paying for those people claiming Council Tax Benefit's share of the bill – the total bill is shared between fewer people than it was under the previous Council.

2018/19 BUDGET

When reviewing the budget Skegness Town Council looks at its Business Plan over the current and four future years. Whilst it will only set the budget and precept for 2018/19 it considers what the budget and precept will be through to 2022.

This year the Council would need to implement a below inflation increase in the precept of 2.9%, which is 4p extra per week for a Band D property, to deliver both existing and new services and its Business Plan. Most properties are valued below band D would pay around 3p extra per week.

Council is aware that in year 2 and 4 of its plan, the precept rise would be between 7% and 8%. Council could even out the increases over the life of the plan by charging a bit more (about an extra 3p) this year and again in year three. This would result in the increase being about 4.75% each year based on current information (around 6p - 8p per week depending on your Council Tax banding).


Would you like to pay a bit more (3p per week) next year so the increase is less the following year?


Both Lincolnshire County Council (LCC) and East Lindsey District Council (ELDC) face a financial squeeze. This is because the amount of money they receive from Central Government is reducing. Because they have a limit imposed on Council Tax, they have not been able to raise the extra cash needed to cover the shortfall. As a result, both Councils have had to put in place a number of cuts to their services.

One service that was cut last year was the mowing of Amenity Grass Verges by LCC. In March 2017, Skegness Town Council decided that it could not possibly allow grass verges within the town to grow uncontrolled and therefore made plans to take on this service. Plans are underway to employ staff to cut the verges from next year and the budget has been committed to achieve this. LCC have now formally delegated this service to the Town Council and to most other Town and Parish Councils across ELDC. LCC have removed the charge to Council Tax Payers from their budget, apart from a small element to provide Health and Safety Cuts (two per annum). As Skegness Town Council will be undertaking all the cuts within the town, the money that would have been used to provide this by LCC will be passed to the Town Council which will help offset the overall cost.

It is possible that further service cuts may be required by both LCC and ELDC to balance their budget. Skegness Town Council will then need to consider whether these services should be protected and if so whether it is possible for the Town Council to deliver or commission these.


If further service cuts are made by LCC or ELDC, should Skegness Town Council consider delivering these services?

If so how much more per week would you consider paying to protect these services?

  • < 5p per week
  • 5p to 10p per week
  • 10p to 20p per week
  • 20p to 50p per week
  • More than 50p per week

You can respond to the consultation or ask questions by completing the form below, or via:

  • social media
  • in writing
  • by email
  • telephone between 9am and 4.30pm Monday to Friday (01754 766113)
  • or make representations at the extended Council meeting on 6th December (30 minutes has been set aside for this purpose)

Skegness Town Council would like to hear your views on the budget and precept for 2018/19. After reading the above information, please answer the questions below by 28th November 2017. All responses will be collated and fed back to Council in December for consideration.

The information gathered will only be used to inform the Council of your views and comments on the budget, your postcode is needed to determine if you live within the parish boundary. The information will not be shared with any marketing agencies. The Council is obliged to respect your confidentiality and will only hold this information for as long as necessary.

This consultation closed at 4pm on Tuesday 28th November 2017.

Thank you to everyone who took the time to respond.