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Tower Gardens Pavilion
Tower Gardens
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Skegness Town Council

Biodiversity and Crime Disorder Duties Statement


Section 40 of the Natural Environment and Rural Communities Act 2006 places the following biodiversity duty on Skegness Town Council:

"Every public authority must, in exercising its functions, have regard, so far as is consistent with the proper exercise of those functions, to the purpose of conserving biodiversity"

Having regard to this duty Skegness Town Council has identified the following areas where integrating biodiversity is key:

  • commenting on planning applications
  • managing land, public property, St Mary's Cemetery, St Clement's closed burial ground, amenities, open spaces, energy and water
  • developing new buildings and schemes (e.g Tower Gardens Hub)

In discharging its duties, the Council:

  • only undertakes hedge trimming out of the nesting season
  • planted over 100 native trees and 50m of native hedging in St Mary's Cemetery to provide shelter and habitat for birds
  • procured a comprehensive tree survey and associated works to preserve the condition of mature trees, with ongoing revenue budgets to maintain this
  • commissioned an ecological and bat survey in respect of a new development with a commitment to implement the recommendations
  • manages its own organic composting for use in cemetery flower beds
  • approved the installation of a composting toilet for cemetery workers
  • uses water capture planting display tubs to minimise the use of fresh water
  • plants tubs with night scented, insect and bee attracting plants

Crime and Disorder

Skegness Town Council has a duty to consider the impact of its functions and decisions on crime and disorder in its area, under Section 17 of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998.

As part of that process the Town Council will fully engage with the all applicable bodies to:

  • Reduce and detect crime
  • Reduce anti-social behaviour and fear of crime and re-assure people
  • Strengthen community involvement Section 5(2) of the Crime and Disorder Act 1998 (the right of town and parish councils to be consulted).

In discharging its duties, the Council:-

  • Extends a permanent invitation to Skegness Police to attend a monthly public and Council meeting where questions can be asked and addressed
  • Is part of a district wide CCTV partnership and funds the cost of providing and monitoring 13 CCTV cameras in Skegness.
  • Prioritises the quick to removal of graffiti, litter and drug paraphernalia from managed public property and open spaces within its control.
  • Has installed self-extinguishing litter bins in a closed churchyard to eliminate bin fires
  • Publishes relevant information on the web and social media, provided by the local PCSOs on the Neighbourhood Alert System .