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Skegness Cemetery is located at St Mary's Church Winthorpe.

The Town Council is responsible for the following services at St Mary's Cemetery;

  • Maintenance of the grounds
  • Grave digging
  • Managing burial rights
  • Giving permission for memorials
  • Ensuring legal documentation and records are produced and correct
  • Keeping records of burials.

The Town Council has an approved policy which guides the operation of the cemetery.

St Mary's Cemetery - Guide to Sections

Cemetery Handbook

Reserve a Burial Space

Internment Application

  • Forms, Internment Application Form, 2017.02.24 (PDF, 421 Kb)

    All applications for interment must be provisionally agreed verbally at least 5 clear working days prior to the interment (contact 01754 766113) and then confirmed using the Application for Interment Form at least 2 clear working days prior to the interment.

Statutory Declaration

Memorial Mason Guidance

Memorial Application

Fees and Charges

Memorial Inspections

Public Health Burials

Under the Public Health Act 1984 East Lindsey District Council can be asked to make arrangements for the burial or cremation of a person who has no family or other person who can undertake such arrangements.

When a Local Authority makes arrangements it becomes responsible for the person's estate. Any possessions may be disposed of in order to raise monies to cover the costs incurred by the cremation or burial.

For more information about public health burials please visit East Lindsey District Council's website