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Cllr Dick Edginton - Town Mayor

Cllr Danny Brookes - Deputy Mayor

Notes for booking the Mayor

Part of the civic duties of the Skegness Town Mayor is to attend local events and functions. This is done to support the local community, to support local charities, to promote the Town as a visitor attraction and to mark special occasions or events. This may involve opening an event, making a short speech or perhaps presenting awards or prizes.

Some events are not appropriate for the Mayor (in chains of office) to attend. These may include;-

      • overtly political functions/events,
      • supporting a controversial event (unless this is supported by Council),
      • anything likely to bring the Office of Mayor or the Council into disrepute
      • appearing for money or gratuities
      • commercial events where there is no obvious benefit to the people of the Town.

If you would like the Mayor to attend your event, please give as much notice as possible. The Mayor can be booked up weeks in advance especially at weekends and bank Holidays. Events will be allocated on a first come first serve basis.

If the Mayor cannot attend, the Council will usually ask the Deputy Mayor to attend if possible.

Sometimes the Mayor will have several events in one day. In these circumstances, please do not be offended if the Mayor has to leave before the end of your event. If there is a particular part of your event that you want the Mayor to be present for, please indicate this on the form.

The Mayor may be accompanied by the Mayoress/Consort. If the invite is for the Mayor only then please make this clear.

The Town Council/Mayor will not invite anyone else to your event including the press. If you wish the press or any other persons to attend you should arrange this yourself.

To book the Mayor please complete the booking form below.

Alternatively you may wish to print off the booking form and send it to us by email: info@skegnesscouncil.org.uk or by post to The Town Hall, North Parade, Skegness, Lincolnshire, PE25 1DA.

For further assistance please call 01754 766113.

Mayor Booking Form

For booking the Mayor's attendance at events and other engagements. Please ensure all fields are completed correctly.

* Required Field




Date of the event and time of event

// :


Time you wish the Mayor to arrive


Time you wish the Mayor to leave



Address at which event is taking place



i.e. presentation, make a speech etc



Upon arrival at the event, where should the Mayor report to


Please provide contact name and number of the person that the Mayor should report to upon arrival

Only expected when part of the event - not otherwise.


The Mayor's Charity

The Mayor's chosen charities are:

The League of Friends of Skegness Hospital

The Army Benevolent Fund known as The Soldiers Charity

If you wish to make a donation to the Mayor's Charities, a cheque can be made payable to 'Skegness Town Council Mayor's Charity Fund' and sent to Skegness Town Council, The Town Hall, North Parade, Skegness, Lincs. PE25 1DA